With summer approaching in the horizon, many brides want to host their wedding in the outdoors where they can take in and enjoy the warm weather of the season. Even more so for locations that are on lakesides or along the beach.

Water can is fresh and inviting, and can provide a calming effect for nervous brides and grooms. Some couples wish to hold weddings by the water because it hold a special meaning for them, such as their first date by the beach or at a pool-party, or they were proposed to by the lakeside.

It’s also a great concept to have as a backdrop for your wedding photos.

Here is a list of the top water wedding ideas you can choose from for your big day:

Swimming Pools

A unique concept for sure, weddings that take place poolside is a great way to pay homage to the fun summer activity of swimming in the pool and sipping cocktails as you soak up some sun.

Ceremonies overlooking a sparkling and refreshing pool are elegant and modern while also giving off a cool, laid-back feeling.

You can use swimming pools in any kind of venue, from a backyard to a fancy resort, simply pick the background setting that works best for you and decorate to your hearts content.


When it comes to weddings by the water, nothing beats the classic wedding by the sea. With sand at your feet and the ocean as your background, weddings by the sea have been a popular choice for many years.

Ceremonies by the ocean give off a relaxed feeling while still showcasing modern elegance and grace.

For people who tend to spend most of their lives in the city, a trip to the beach is perfect for any summer wedding.


For those who have an interest in a wedding by the water, but are not too keen on going to the ocean and getting sand in their shoes, a lakeside wedding might be just the thing you are looking for.

A lakeside wedding gives off a calm and elegant feeling, and depending on your decorations you can feel like a fairy or a swan princess walking down the aisle.

Lakeside weddings can be for any season, but when the summer sun hits that water just right you will have the best views and the most memorable photos ever made.


For couples who have a strong affinity and love for marine life, having your wedding in an aquarium will create fond and everlasting memories, not to mention provide a totally unique setting.

This unique setting will leave your guests, and those with their children, feeling excited and entranced as it gives off a cool yet elegant feeling.

You will feel like the Little Mermaid as you hold your ceremony or reception surrounded by your favourite sea creatures, and dance with your new spouse alongside your marine friends.


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