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Contact Darren John for information on advertising in the Eastern Cape Wedding and Function…

Darren John
Cell: 082 783 7457

Advert Dimensions

 Full PageArticles and Full
Page ads
210 x 148mm
( +3mm bleed)
 Full Page Print AreaAdverts (made up of 1/4
and 1/2 page ads)
140.5 x 198mm Portrait
 Half PageAdverts140.5 x 97.5mm Landscape
 QuarterPageAdverts68.75 x 97.5mm Portrait
 EighthAdverts68.75 x 47.25mm Landscape

Format of artwork:


Images of logo’s obtained from websites are not of acceptable quality.

No artwork setup on Microsoft Word or Corel Draw will be accepted.
No advert will be scanned from another publication or from prints produced from bubble jet or laser printers for reproduction.

Apple Mac

Indesign, Illustrator or Freehand: File to be collected for output and fonts converted to paths.
PDF’s, TIFF’s and EPS’s: These should be supplied on CD in CMYK colour mode.
Email: PDF’s, TIFF’s and ESP’s may be converted to JPG format to be emailed. All .jpegs to be high resolution.


High resolution JPG’s and PDF’s (press print quality) via email. High resolution TIFF’s and EPS’s on CD/DVD.