Photography, framing and Video:

Below is a list of companies that provide photography, framing and video services in Cape Town.

If you are looking for the perfect photography, framing and video company for your wedding, then please scroll down and view these highly recommended Cape Town providers.

Adene Photography

Tel: 082 07 66 017Email: Visit: The Adene Photography website

A&T Photography

Tel: Anton&Tania: 083 3735475 or 083 3662511Email: The A&T Photography website

Billy De La Querra – JWC Productions

Tel: 082 334 3690Email: The Billy de la Querra – JWC Productions website

Carina K Photography & Graphic Design

Tel: 082 669 9508Email: The Carina K Photography & Graphic Design website

Christelle Rall Wedding Photography

Tel: 083 878 3185Visit: The Christelle Rall Wedding Photography website

Collin Albertus Photography

Tel: 072 241 6419Email: info@collinalbertus.comVisit: The Collin Albertus Photography website

Dniel Photography

Tel: 071 673 6642Email:

Dawid Botha Photography

Tel: 083 634 7784Visit: The Dawid Botha Photography website

Dream Images Photography

Tel: 021 786 4335Email: The Dream Images Photography websitee

Eben Jacobs Photography

Tel: 082 743 2415Email: The Eben Jacobs Photography website

Esther Reid Photography

Tel: 082 802 1171Email: The Esther Reid Photography website

HDK Photo

Tel: 082 055 8920Email: hdkphoto@icloud.comVisit: The HDK Photo website

Jolanda Photography

Tel: 082 508 4145Email: The Jolanda Photography website

Jeanine Bresler Photography

Tel: 021 976 7475Email: info@jeaninebresler.comVisit: The Jeanine Bresler Photography website

Kathryn van Eck Photography

Tel: 083 2322 853Email: info@kathrynvaneck.comVisit: The Kathryn van Eck Photography website

Letia Photography

Tel: 084 262 9670Email: The Letia Photography website

LPR Photography

Tel: 082 411 1217Visit: The LPR Photography website

Mandi Scholtz Photography

Tel: 072 986 5610Email: info.twoway@gmail.comVisit: The Mandi Scholtz Photography website

Marlene De Villiers Photography

Tel: 021 557 0981Email: The Marlene de Villiers Photography website

Melani Photography

Tel: 082 480 6888Email: theronsf@telkomsa.netVisit: The Melani Photography website

Mint & Magnolia

Tel: 083 233 8455 or 083 320 1645Visit: The Mint & Magnolia website

Memento Photography

Tel: 082 453 8815Email: N/A


Tel: 076 291 6923Email: The Moments2Media website

Moonlight Photography

Tel: 081 258 6423Email: The Moonlight Photography website

Mr Cameraman Photography

Tel: 079 875 4866Email: NoneVisit: The Mr Cameraman Photography website

Precious Moment Studio

Tel: 072 607 1419Email: The Precious Moment Studios website

Rinda Photography

Tel: 084 616 0063Email: The Rinda Photography website

RTM Video Productions

Tel: 079 039 8863Visit: The RTM Video Productions website

Veronique Photography

Tel: 079 737 7397Email: info@veronique-photography.comVisit: The Veronique Photography website

 Showpix Photography

Tel: 084 548 5083

Undefined Photography

Tel: 021 919 7067 or Cell: 082 879 8053Email: tanya_muller@yahoo.comVisit: The Undefined Photography website

Wayne Sylvester Photography

Tel: 082 293 2871Email: The Wayne Sylvester Photography website