Dresses, Shoes, Suits and Accessories:

Below is a list of companies that provide dresses, shoes, suits and accessories in Cape Town.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding clothes and accessories, then please scroll down and view these highly recommended Cape Town providers.

Anella Wedding Shoes

Tel: 076 306 5585Email: hanel@weddingshoes.co.za Visit: The Anella Wedding Shoes website

Anje Bridal Couture

Tel: 082 971 9147Email: anjecouture@info.co.zaVisit: The Anje Bridal Couture website

Bella Donna

Tel: 021 913 4255 or 082 218 1083Email: info@belladonnabridal.co.zaVisit: The Bella Donna website

Bridal Allure

Tel: 021 556 4880 or 072 980 8092Email: info@bridalallure.co.zaVisit: The Bridal Allure website

Bridal Unique

Tel: 021 854 3901 or Cell: 079 674 3155Email: info@bridalunique.co.zaVisit: The Bridal Unique website

Brides of Somerset

Tel: 021 852 4271Email: averil@bridesofsomerset.co.zaVisit: The Brides Of Somerset website

Casey Jeanne Designs

Tel: 082 768 6250Email: caseyjeanne777@gmail.comVisit: The Casey Jeanne Designs website

Capricho Shoes T/A Cara Bella Wedding Shoes

Tel: 021 510 0506Email: info@carabella.co.zaVisit: The Capricho shoes t/a Cara Bella Wedding Shoes website

Deni Design

Tel: Denise Bouwer: 021 976 2896Email: liezel.bouwer@gmail.com

Dress & Decor Lounge

Tel: 084 451 5914Email: dressanddecor@gmail.comVisit: The Dress & Decor Lounge website

 Elle’s Bridal Studio

Tel: 082 303 8286Email: ellesbridalstudio@gmail.com

Ekho Couture

Tel: 084 713 6499Email: Ekho.couture@gmail.com

 Ever After Bridal

Tel: 021 976 6976Email: este@everafterbridal.co.zaVisit: The Ever After Bridal website

Innovine Bridal

Tel: 072 249 5838Email: studio@innovine.co.zaVisit: The Innovine Bridal website

Meylea Bridal

Tel: Leandra Meyer: 082 492 3322Email:meyleabridal@gmail.comVisit: The Meylea Bridal website

Mr Suit Hire

Tel: 021 946 3690Email: info@mrsuithire.co.zaVisit: The Mr Suit Hire website

Shades of White Bridal Boutique

Tel: 083 367 4126Email: lindi@shadesofwhite.co.zaVisit: The Shades of White Bridal Boutique website

Richelles Wedding Dresses

Tel: 021 975 5706Email: rene@richelles.co.zaVisit: The Richelles Wedding Dresses website

Renate Bosch

Tel: 084 613 0646Email: renatebosch@gmail.comVisit: The Renate Bosch website

Special Occasions

Tel: 021 948 0870Email: specialgowns@mweb.co.zaVisit: The Special Occasions website

Teshlanique by Elmarie

Tel: 079 215 7936Email: elmarie@teshlanique.co.zaVisit: The Teshlanique by Elmarie website

The Wedding Box

Tel: 021 702 0674Email: info@theweddingbox.co.zaVisit: The The Wedding Box website

Timeless Wedding Memories

Tel: 021 855 1665Email: bloemdalkim@telkomsa.net

Tracy’s Bridal Gowns

Tel: 021 838 1373 or 073 096 4702Email: traceybridalgowns@gmail.com

Tying the Knot

Tel: 082 394 2629Email: info@tyingtheknotbridal.co.za

Urban Bride

Tel: 021 981 8557Email: info@urbanbride.co.zaVisit: The Urban Bride website

Val De Vie Weddings

Tel: 021 863 6100Email: info@valdevie.co.zaVisit: The Val De Vie Weddings website