8 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Food and Drinks

8 Ways to Save Money on Wedding Food and Drinks

  1. Have a breakfast Wedding

    Breakfast weddings cost less and they can save you a whole lot of money that you can use for your honeymoon. Food and drinks are expensive, so imagine serving pancakes and omelettes at your wedding.

  2. Invite Fewer People

    As I mentioned that food and drinks cost a huge chunk of money. Food and drinks are charged by a head count, so limit the head count by inviting fewer people to save money.

  3. Check for Hidden Fees

    Let’s face it some venues don’t disclose all their charges , ensure that you avoid all hidden fees by asking for full disclosure and signing things on paper.

  4. Serve Smaller potions

    it’s okay to want to have the best wedding people will talk about for months but always think about your budget. A big wedding cake can be expensive, consider downsizing it and serve smaller slices.

  5. Pick a Venue that Allows Outside Catering

    Some, venues will require you and your guests to eat their food. The best deal that you can get is to make sure that your venue allows you to use the caterer of your choice and allows outside catering.

  6. Have a Simple Display Cake

    Beautiful wedding cakes set the mood for the big day and they can be very tempting. To serve money, Resist! Resist! Resist the temptation and go for a simple two tiered cake and large sheet cake in the back. Remember, some guests don’t even bother to eat a wedding a cake.

  7. Have Your Family Cook

    instead of hiring a catering company to cook at your wedding, consider getting your family to cook the food a day before your wedding. This idea could work great and your family could add their touch of food signature..

  8. Don’t Have a Sit-down Dinner

    Avoid serving heavy meals at your wedding. Serving light platters will give your guests time to mingle more and you wallet will thank you too.

Article by: Afikile Lugunya

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