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At Body20 Lion's Square, you can expect the same quality of service as you would at their numerous other branches throughout the country. They understand that it can somtimes be difficult to find the necessary time to excercise in today's extremely busy world. Body20 offer a great solution to that, and their Electro Muscular Stimulation only takes 20 minutes. Not only does their revolutionalised training not take up much time, it is also proven to be 150 times better than conventional gym workouts. No matter your age or fitness level, Body20 Lion's Square will improve your physical strength, boosts energy, aids weight loss and even reduce cellulite. The gym has a varitety of membership offerings, so you can tailor make your visit.

Services Offered:

Electro Muscular Stimulation
Active Results Tracking
Customised Eating Plan
EMS Personal Training
Supplementation Expertise
Stress Management Advice
On-Demand Wellness Coaching
Body20 Memberships
We specialise in: Body20 specialise in Electro Muscular Stimulation, also known as EMS. It is a form of muscle stimulation that uses painless electrical impulses. Body20's ergonomic EMS machines replicate the central nervous system's response to activate the electrical impulses for rapid contraction, this is for the purpose of strength training and fitness. EMS is 150 times more effective than traditional excercise and the sessions only last 20 minutes.
Consultation / trial charge: No
Travel to venue: No

Contact Information

063 656 7157


"Very helpful advice and super friendly team! They make exercise a pleasure!"- Nico van Rensburg
"Stunning, excellent. Planned workouts are worth a plenty !! Friendly, caring and well trained instructors."- Mario B
Wedding Planning SA
Wedding Planning SA
Wedding Planning SA
Body20 Lion’s Square